About Flow As You Are

There is room for everything here. As humans, our emotions and bodies are in a constant state of flux. I invite you to flow with me and be present with those changes. Whether it brings you belly laughs or tears, it serves a purpose. FAYA Yoga will encourage you to experience who you are at any given moment and free up the space to explore and connect with your body, whether we are addressing pain or simply wanting to move. FAYA intends to honor three things: your physical body, emotional body, and you, as you are.

Your Physical Body

Does this sound like you?

  • I'm not flexible enough

  • I'm not strong enough

  • I don't look like a social media yogi

  • I have an injury/physical limitations so I can't do yoga

There is not one “yoga body”. Anybody that has a body has a yoga body and the capabilities to explore the freedom in movement. It's no secret that each person's skeletal frame and body composition are different, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been marketed to shame it.


Being someone who has been on what feels like both ends of the scale and having had multiple injuries, I understand the fears and beliefs of not being enough.


Please know this. Your body is capable of so much, and I simply want to help you connect with it and help you discover what poses feel like within your body, and not just by what the book says. Your dancer pose may look different than my dancer pose, but guess what? We're freaking doing it.

Your Emotional Body

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “your body stores your emotions”. Guess what, it’s true. And that is an amazing, profound, and quite frankly painful fact. The great thing though, is increasing your awareness and accepting that uncomfortable and scary feelings live inside you along with the joyous and content ones can help open the door to safer movement.


The short version of the why is that our brains are constantly assessing threat, and that primarily dictates how us humans move. The brains primary goal is to always keep you safe. If you allow yourself to create a safe environment to explore and assess the threat, a possible side effect is more fluent and pain-free movement.


Is it always comfortable? Mostly no. However, knowing these things can be the key to unlocking a lot of mystery around how your body moves and how it perceives pain. I have experienced it firsthand. Honoring your emotions and the story it tells with your body can wake you up to so many new discoveries.


You. As you are. 

FAYA will honor you as a whole, body and mind. Every bit that makes you, you, is special and deserves the time and attention that you can give it. This is all something that every person and body can have, it's 100% yours. What I'm here to offer is the tools to create a safe space so you can practice yoga that is unique to your body and life story.

My training with the ground-breaking movement methodology, The Reembody Method, and a trauma informed training with Yoga Behind Bars, puts me in a position to offer this. 

I know this because incorporating both in my yoga practice has helped me with poses I couldn't dream of doing without pain and having a better understanding of who I am and the value of how I move. So take a chance with me and see just how much your practice can serve you.

Flow As You Are Yoga

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